Struggling to improve your average order value?

Good conversion rates aren't enough for your business to thrive, but the old ways of increasing average order value are time consuming and ineffective.

You've done the research and know that customers expect your online store to have product recommendations. It should be a short simple job but it's become a chore, and you dread having to look at it again.

On each product, you manually select the right items to recommend. You repeat it on each upsell on the site. It's slow, manual, constantly changing. And it's barely increasing your AOV.

All of the time spent manually creating upsells and cross-sells is time that could be spent on other areas of the business. We all know it takes ages to do, sapping you of energy that's better used elsewhere.

Such a fundamental part of an ecommerce store shouldn't be this difficult should it? This can't be what everyone else is doing. There must be a better way!

PureClarity - the one stop CRO platform packed with powerful features

Never manually create an upsell or cross-sell recommender again. Let our award winning AI personalise them to each customer, and skyrocket your average order value.

Personalised recommendations for everyone

PureClarity automatically shows the most relevant recommendations to each visitor, backed by machine learning.

Updated in real time based on each individual journey and tailored to the type of page the visitor is looking at.

Never manually create product recommenders again. Let our AI do the heavy lifting with upsells and cross-sells that work and watch your revenue increase.

Boost conversion with personalised customer experiences

More than just recommenders, PureClarity is a full CRO suite.

Maximise your ad spend by showing different images, content, pop ups and chat bots to different customers. Funnel visitors to the right products and content to ensure they convert.

Rescue your time

Your business is never complete, so don't let poor tooling and lack of features slow you down and steal your time. With PureClarity you also get:

  • Live Chat - Ecommerce focused, see visitors history and activity in real time, recommend suggested products with a click
  • Recommendations In Email - Personalised product recommendations on any email platform via our snippet
  • Advanced Segmentation - Segment customers using a wide range of criteria
  • Analytics - Real-time, choose any time period to track performance
  • Dedicated Success Manager - Monthly calls to keep you growing, onboarding help and advice
  • Amazing Support - Expert customer support via in-app chat and email


Integrations for all major e-commerce platforms

Native plugins on the app stores for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce API and documentation for effortless integration into any platform Scales to support sites of any size

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Can I use PureClarity for free?

All new stores get a 30 day free trial for PureClarity Plus, and a 7 day free trial for our recommender only plan (only available on Shopify). After that, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using PureClarity.

Our business model is selling software, not your data, and our price points offer a best in class solution. We research and develop our own algorithms, including novel approaches to improving the state of the art, instead of repackaging off the shelf recommendation APIs from vendors. We price for sustainability on our end, and the ability to continue to deliver an incredible product to our customers.

Can I invite my whole team?

Of course! PureClarity does not charge per seat, so you can invite your entire team to use it. User management is available in the admin, including the ability to assign pre-defined roles, such as setting a user to only be able to access the live chat.

How do I get started?

You can book a demo to have a personalised conversation about working together with you to increase AOV and convert more visitors, or you can dive right in and get started.