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Avoid the trap: The right way to increase your aov and conversion rate with recommender upsells and cross sells

Posted by Peter Brooksbank | April 26, 2023

Manual curation of recommenders is a waste of time. It's not scalable. It's not personalized. It's not accurate. It's not data driven.

We get it, quickly adding some manual recommenders feels like a win. It should increase your aov and conversion rate. Plus you get to showcase more of your great products that people might otherwise miss. But it's a trap.

Even Admiral Ackbar knows!

Maybe you get a small boost, but manually curating your recommenders is now an additional job to keep on top of, for every product page, as well as every new product you add! Not to mention recommenders on the basket page, homepage, product listing pages and everywhere else. Even worse, the majority of customers who see it will ignore it, because the products chosen aren't relevant to them. A lot of time and effort, for little reward.

There is a better way

You chose recommenders to increase aov and conversion rates. You were right to do so, your research and knowledge of e-commerce stores isn't wrong. It was the right option, you just lacked the right tool.

Adding recommenders shouldn't be a constant job, it should be a quick setup and done. It should be data driven, automatically adapting and personalising to the current customer in their current context, to show them the right products at the right time.

Customers will see products they're looking for, ignore recommenders less, use them more and add more to their baskets, increasing aov and conversion rates. And, you won't need to spend copious amounts of time managing it.

You need AI powered recommendations

When you think of successful online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Nike and more, they all use recommenders. These stores have hundreds to hundreds of thousands of items available. But they don't have vast teams of people manually curating them.

Instead they use machine learning techniques to determine the best products to show for each customer, depending on the context the customer is in, automatically. On the product page? Then they may show a "Customers who bought this, also bought" recommender. Basket page? A "You may like these, based on the products in your basket" recommender.

They invest in these systems because it gives them results, with minimal input required.

These systems aren't restricted to global enterprises anymore either. We know how important recommenders are as a method to increase aov and conversion. That's why we've provided our clients with our best in class recommenders since 2014.

Avoid the trap with PureClarity - The complete platform for upsell and personalisation

"Aha, a sales pitch, I knew it!" you say. It's true, we're in the business of solving this problem. But you're here because you want a solution that works.

PureClarity solves the issues manual recommenders have:

  • Automated - no manual curation required
  • Personalised - adapts to each visitor based on their activity
  • Increase basket spend with up-sells based on the cart and products viewed
  • Give customers choice by automatically offering alternative products
  • Reduce visitor drop off by showing other items to consider
  • Context aware - the right type of recommender for each page type
  • Easy to use - quick setup, great templates out of the box
  • Real time analytics to keep you updated

That means you get to increase aov and conversion rates and then get back to what you want to be doing. And if you want to go further, you can dive into dynamic content, segmentation, popups and more to give your customers a truly personalised experience.

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