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Use social proof on your product recommendations

Posted by John Barton | April 26, 2023

You've spent time collecting product reviews. Maximise your return by using social proof to drive higher engagement on product recommendations

Using social proof across your site helps customers learn about your products and feel confident in their choices. PureClarity now integrates directly with many of the leading review platforms, showing their product rating and review information directly on our product recommendations.

PureClarity already shows the products cutomers are most likely to purchase, and the addition of social proof makes it even more likely they'll engage with product recommendations.

How does it work?

Showing the rating and review information couldn't be simpler. Simply go to the Integrations page in our dashboard and enable "Product Ratings". Pick the provider and you are good to go! Ratings can be shown or hidden per campaign as well.

PureClarity supports custom templates that make it easy to show customised product recommendations. It is easy to add our product ratings into your templates - get in touch to find out how.

PureClarity current supports the following review platforms:

Shopify and other platforms - a standard?

PureClarity can utilise product metafields (data stored against each product). There is a convention that rating information be stored in a specific location, and is utilised for example in the Shopify Featured Collection section.

It would be great if all review providers used this, as 3rd parties such as PureClarity would then work "out of the box" with zero setup! Given how important it is to utilise your product reviews, we hope to see more providers use this approach in the future.

We'd also like to see this approach taken on other platforms such as Magento and BigCommerce as well.

Future supported platforms

We are looking at adding support for the following review platforms over the coming months:

Which platforms would you like us to support? If you are using a review platform, get in touch and we will help you show your reviews on our product recommendations.

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