Pricing that scales with your business growth
No Setup Fees
Transparent Pricing
Full Onboarding & Support

Our pricing is based on your monthly Page Views, we call them ‘Impressions’. Each month you pay the Tier level that matches the volume of traffic on your site.



Up To 2,000
Impressions per month

Tier 1


Up To 40,000
Impressions per month

Tier 2


Up To 100,000
Impressions per month

Tier 3


Up To 250,000
Impressions per month

Tier 4


Up To 500,000
Impressions per month

Tier 5


Up To 750,000
Impressions per month

Tier 6+

Have more than 750,000 Impressions per month?

All our paid Tiers include:
1 Store View

1 Language & Multi-Currency.

Add more at any time for just /m each and pool your Impressions across all Store Views.

30,000 Products

Products including unlimited variants, categories and brands.

Add more at any time for just /m per 1,000 and pool your product allowance across all Store Views.

Full Onboarding & Support

Free setup, onboarding and support from our Success Management Team.

40 Segments & Campaigns

Active targeted campaigns with option to add more at any time for just each per month.

Staging Environment

Free staging environment before Go-Live with option to use afterwards for just /m.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on your monthly page views (we call them 'Impressions').

We initially select the best Tier for you based on your current impressions.  If you go over the monthly limit of the Tier we automatically move you up to the next Tier and increase your limit. If your Impressions drop down again the next month, you will be automatically reduced back to your original Tier.  So, it's pay as you go.

On our paid Tiers you get 1 Store View, up to 30,000 Products with unlimited variants, categories and brands, 40 segments and campaigns plus unlimited searches, banner displays and recommendations. Plus a generous allowance on real-time Product Updates.

One Store View can hold one language and multiple currencies. You can add as many Store Views as you need and add more provisions to those Store Views to match your requirements.

Your Impressions will be pooled across all your Store Views and you can report on each one in the Dashboard.

Example Configuration

We define an Impression as a single call to the PureClarity snippet (a piece of JavaScript that sits on each page of your website).  The PureClarity snippet collects data about your visitors' behavior such as products, categories and brands viewed, products added to the cart, origin of visitor and other types of behavior. When someone views a page or a pop-up on your site we make a call to PureClarity via the snippet - this is counted as one Impression.

If you use Google Analytics a PureClarity Impression will almost be equal to 'pageviews'. Simple!

Your Impressions can be pooled across all your Store Views.

Your monthly Impressions are used to determine which Tier you subscribe to each month.

PureClarity can handle multiple languages or sites by creating instances for each language or each site.  These are referred to as 'Store Views'.

All your Store Views can be grouped to provide a single overview in the PureClarity dashboard.  You can then have your monthly Impressions pooled across all Store Views and pay the single subscription fee.  A single Store View can handle multiple currencies.  In some implementations you may need to have a single Store View for each currency such as Shopify implementations.

You can add an additional Store View for per month.

We define a Product as the top level grouping of a product (The Parent) that may have multiple variants each with an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) as a unique product variant with a single price and currency held with in a single Store View.

In some implementations (mainly bespoke solutions where a plug-in has not been used for integration) a set of data feeds are required to provide PureClarity with Products, Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics information.

We can accept Full Data Feeds on a daily or hourly basis where all Products, Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics are updated.  As standard you have four full Product Data feeds per day within the standard pricing but if you want to provide more frequent full product feeds you can add more at any time.  Other full data feeds such as Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics are unlimited but subject to our fair use policy.

We also accept Product Updates (or Product Deltas). The Product Delta feed is a type of data feed that is optimized to be submitting more frequently; it contains only data for Products that have been changed or added since the last full data feed submission.  As standard you can provide us with deltas equal to 30% of your product catalog each day before a surcharge applies, e.g. for the standard 30,000 products this means we'll accept 3,000 product updates per day. Deltas for Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics are unlimited but subject to our fair use policy.

Need More?

We feel the included limits are more than adequate under normal circumstances however if you do need more we charge each for any full data feed that is over the four per day standard daily allowance and per 1,000 for product updates that are above the 30% of your product catalog daily allowance.

Customer Segments allows you to group customers by their behavior (past and current) so that you (and the AI) can target individuals with personalized content.

Personalized Campaigns allow you to define campaigns targeted to Customer Segments.

Analytics is the data foundation of PureClarity; it's 'Big Data' - it is many months worth of behavioral activity that are used to target relevant content to visitors and helps examine your visitors' behavior. We keep five years worth of high-level analytics such as 'Top Bought Products' and two years worth of User Behavior data such as User X looked at page Y on Z date. To learn more see the Analytics Features.

PureClarity supports all international languages.

A single Store View can support one language, so you will need a Store View per language.

Our FREE Tier ('Micro') is ideal for Start-Ups or Micro businesses. You get up to 2,000 Impressions per month and up to 30,000 products. You are limited to email support only.  If you go over the impression limits in any one month by more than 10% we'll let you know, if this happens more than twice a month we'll invite you to upgrade to our paid Tiers or you can opt to be automatically moved to the relevant Tier each month.  Other than that you get all the benefits of our paid Tiers.

Yes - we offer a discount on yearly plans as a percentage which is applied to all Tiers.  For more information please Contact Us.

Yes - we offer a discount to non-profit organization as a percentage which is applied to all Tiers.  For more information please Contact Us.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription any time you want. Your subscription will then finish at the end of the following month.

All prices quoted are exclusive of taxes, including sales, use, withholding and value added taxes.