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Increase your online revenue by 26% with Automated & Enriched Personalization

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Pricing is based on your number of Page Impressions per month and the number of sites you have.

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Personalized Site Search

Personalized Merchandising

Personalized Email Campaigns


Dedicated Onboarding & Support

Fully Transparent Pricing

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Pricing is based on your number of Page Impressions per month and number of store views you require.

Increase your online revenue by 26% using Automated & Enriched Personalization

Trusted by large and small B2B & B2C Businesses

“We came to PureClarity because we wanted a state-of-the-art AI merchandising tool with the ability to customize specifically what products were promoted to customers when they came to our site, with the aim to increase awareness and cross-sell our jewellery. PureClarity provided us with cutting edge technology that fit our business needs perfectly. From the moment we joined, their support has been second to none."
Ed Miles, JewelStreet

“PureClarity has transformed the site search, producing highly relevant search results and product suggestions tailored to each of our customers with significant impact on income and average order value."
Spokesperson, The Royal British Legion

“PureClarity offers the latest personalization and AI techniques to rapidly growing ecommerce retailers at a price that is easily affordable! We love that the software offers multiple types of integration and the support is second to none!"
Stephen Stone, Internet Gardener, UK

“We came to PureClarity because we were intrigued by the concept of Personalization and how we could use it to increase our sales. We wanted to understand our data better and PureClarity was the way to do that. Since joining, we’ve enjoyed top-notch support with ongoing training in how to use PureClarity better. The AI recommenders were easy to set up and have already shown promising results."
Dan Burton, Green-tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on a combination of Impressions and Store Views plus any additional provisions to Store Views.

We initially select the best Tier for you based on your current impressions, number of Store Views and required provisions.  If you go over your monthly Impressions, we automatically move you up to the next Tier and increase your limit. If your Impressions drop down again the next month, you will be automatically reduced back to your original Tier.  So, it's pay as you go.

As a default each Tier has a single Store View with provisions based on Active SKUs, Segments, Campaign, Data Feeds and Analytics. You can add as many Store Views as you need and add more provisions to those Store Views to match your requirements.

Your Impressions will be pooled across all your Store Views. One Store View can hold one language and multiple currencies.

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Example Configuration

We define an Impression as a single call to the PureClarity snippet (a piece on JavaScript that sits on each page of your website).  The PureClarity snippet collects data about your visitors' behavior; when someone views a page or a pop-up on your site a call is made to the PureClarity snippet.

If you use Google Analytics a PureClarity Impression will almost be equate to 'pageviews'. Simple!

Your Impressions can be pooled across all your Store Views.

Your monthly Impressions are used to determine which Tier you subscribe to each month.

PureClarity can handle multiple languages or sites by creating instances for each language or each site.  These are referred to as 'Store Views'.

All your Store Views can be grouped to provide a single overview in the PureClarity dashboard.  You can then have your monthly Impressions pooled across all Store Views and pay the single subscription fee.  A single Store View can handle multiple currencies.  In some implementations you may need to have a single Store View for each currency.

To add an additional Store View choose the one that best suits your needs from the table below and add more provisions to any existing Store View.

Extra Store Views
Provisions Small Medium Large
Active SKUs 30,000 40,000 50,000
Segments 10 15 20
Campaigns 10 15 20
Analytics 6 9 12
Extra Provisions

We define an Active SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) as a unique product variant with a single price and currency that are live and available to view on any of your Store Views.

In some implementations (mainly bespoke solutions) a set of data feeds are required to provide PureClarity with Products, Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics information.

We can accept Full Data Feeds on a daily or hourly basis where all Products, Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics are updated.

We also accept 'Deltas'. The Delta feed is a type of data feed that is optimized to be submitting more frequently; it contains only data for Products, Categories, Brands, External Orders and User Demographics that have been changed or added since the last full data feed submission.

Customer Segments allows you to group customers by their behavior (past and current) so that you (and the AI) can target individuals with personalized content.

Personalized Campaigns allow you to define campaigns targeted to Customer Segments.

Analytics is the data foundation of PureClarity; it's 'Big Data' - it is many months worth of behavioral activity that are used to target relevant content to visitors and helps examine your visitors' behavior. To learn more see the Analytics Features.

PureClarity supports 33 international languages.

A single Store View can support one language, so you will need a Store View per language.

Each Store View supports one of the following languages:

Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Thai.

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription any time you want. Your subscription will then finish at the end of the following month.

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